Three poems


Voluptuous radishes
Ululate rashly
In the all-American shopping mall
Fellatio spectacular
La la la vino
Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side
Anderson Cooper without pity
Cats and more cats.
Thank you.


Breaker breaker
the ghost of my CB self
Haunts the cosplay orgy
Where faux-anime schoolgirl slut
Checked her cell phone every ten minutes for news about her father’s condition
Why was she there in the first place?
Even CB-me wondered
Because poon comes first
Or so I’ve heard


Television pacifies
With its consumerist lies
All the gals and all the guys
But who cares other than pretentious teenagers
Who have just discovered that rich lives matter?
Consumerist lies are our national myth
Keeping us from diddling ourselves to Karl Marx
Who would have hated nuke-the-illegals cell phone apps

Copyright © 2015 by David V. Matthews